A beta has been released to support Dynamics 365 CE PluginPackage deployment model. If you are out to try this out, you will need to download version 2.beta and follow this guide for installation and deployment instructions: Install and Deploy Kipon Solid Plugin version 2.beta


The Kipon Solid Plugin tool is build on "DUCK TYPE PATTERN" to allow the deployment tool to recognize and setup the plugins within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE platform.

Normlly you would use the Microsoft provided tool for this. The SDK tool provide a nice ui, where you basically load the assembly, and then defines plugins, steps, filter, and images, - and this is the real problem of that appraoch. It has to be done manually, and there is no way to guarantee that your registrations match the actual code.

Understanding the deployment model of the tool. The Kipon.Solid.Plugin framework is bridging that gab by providing a tool that performs an analyze of your assembly code, upload the codes to Dynamics 365 CE, and based on your actual code, it will registre plugins, steps, filters and images, according to your code

With a deployment tool like this in place, you can take the overhead of being more delcaretive in your design approach, because the declarations will not only be used compiletime when you write and validate your code, it will also be used on deployment to setup the correct steps.

Go do - deploy

Installing the Kipon.Solid.Plugin framework, place a [deploy.cmd.template] file in the root of your plugin project. You need to adjust this file with connection string and solution reference

@echo off
call bin\coretools\kipon.xrm.cmd "deploy" "bin\release\[pluginname].dll" "/connectionstring:[crmconnectionstring]" "/solution:[solutionname]"

First rename the file, to deploy.cmd (remove .template)


  • Replace [pluginname] with your plugin assm name. Be aware the tool assume you deploy release version.
  • Replace [crmconnectionstring] with your connection string
  • Replace [solutionname] with uniquename of the solution the components should be added to

Thats it, now open a command prompt, and simply type deploy.cmd, and the tool will find your plugins an create plugintypes, steps, filters and images according to your code.

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