Classes and interfaces

In this section, each class and interface of the concept will be explained in details.


IPluginConext is expose i subset of the vital information on the plugin pipeline. It is implemented by the platform. It does not add a lot to the plate, and everything in here can be found with other methods

IPluginContext is implemented by the Kipon.Solid platform and can be injected into any plugin step method or service constructor.

  • string UnsecureConfig()

    String that represent the unsecure config string of the current plugin

  • string() SecureConfig

    String that represent the secure config string og the current plugin

  • Guid UserId()

    Id of the user who triggered the current plugin pipeline

  • CrmEventType EventType

    Returns the current message as an event type. Be aware that the platform do not map all messages, and in case of unmapped message, Other will be returned.

  • bool AttributeChanged(params string[] names)

    Method is only relavant for Create and Update message, and returns true if at least one of the attributes mentioned in the names parameter is part of the target payload. (was changed.)

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